UT Series Exhaust Temperature Controller

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Thermal Protection for Compressor

It is suitable for compressor, especially in the air-condition compressor for discharging and controlling temperature.


*Installs conveniently

*Redundant reliability

*All kinds of lead wires dimension is provided for choice


1.Rated voltage: AC250V

2.Nominal current: 1.6A (COSФ=1.0)

3.Fixed break-off temperature: 130℃±6℃

4.Fixed replacement temperature: 100℃±15℃

5.Electronic contact life: Under rated voltage and electric current load by 1 /2min above cyclic action 10,000.

6.Dielectric resistance: Exerts AC220V between the belt part and the unusual electricity part, after 10min should be bigger than 100M with the DC500V megameter survey Omega.

7.Electric appliance intensity: Exerts AC1500V in the charged part with the non- charged part between, after 1min should not appear penetrates or glitters.

8. The wire riveted joint is good, be able to withstand 40N pulling force 10S.

UT Series Exhaust Temperature Controller
UT Series Exhaust Temperature Controller

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