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Infrared Heat for Building Materials

Heraeus Noblelight

Infrared emitters process building materials, pipes and floors extremely efficiently.

Infrared emitters are particularly suitable for the efficient production of materials used in the construction industry. These materials include non-slip roof plates, safe roofing systems, hard wearing floor coverings and sewage pipes that are mechanically strong and chemically resistant.

Infrared emitters transmit energy without contact, efficiently and homogeneously. Short-wave and carbon infrared emitters react within seconds, and allow heat processes to be controlled precisely. This way, no energy is wasted during embossing, laminating or thermoforming processes. Gas-catalytic infrared cures coating powder especially efficiently.

Your advantages with infrared:

- Precise heat transmission helps process plastic products without deforming them.

- Infrared emitters can be positioned accurately at the embossing gap which helps to save energy.

- Shaped infrared emitters apply heat precisely where a pipe is to be formed.

Infrarot-Systeme von Heraeus Noblelight sparen Energie und Zeit bei der Fertigung von Auto-Innenverkleidungen.
Infrared Heat for Building Materials

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