Decanter technology in breweries

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Decanter have established themselves in breweries for quite a long time. Both, for the lees treatment or for the yeast recovery, by means of decanter systems processes are shortened, qualities are improved and resources are used efficiently. What counts in the end is the product result: an excellent beer.

As a decanter specialist, the Hiller GmbH is busy in optimising different brewery processes, since about one decade, by using decanter centrifuge systems. As it is a compact and continuous processing system first of all time and space are saved. Due to specific design options, the Hiller decanter centrifuges are adapted to the hygienic and process requirements of the individual stages, for example avoiding the contact with oxygen. Furthermore decanters show their entire economic efficiency best at continuous operation.

Therefore it is no wonder, that new fermented beverages or some which arose from other traditions, already use these impressive features of the decanter technology to produce corresponding products from carbon hydrate-containing raw materials. Hiller already showed more than ten years ago that this application is also relevant for modern beer production. Following the aim to constantly develop new and innovative products economically the use of decanter centrifuges in breweries again moves in the fore.

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Decanter technology in breweries

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