WWTP Morgental on Lake Constance – Hiller decanter economically the best solution for an efficient sludge dewatering

Brigitte Kirmeier


The WWTP Morgental, located in the far northeast of Switzerland on Lake

Constance, is the drinking water reservoir for more than 4 million inhabitants in

Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The WWTP in the village of Steinach ensures the

water purification of 8 communities, located in the cantons Thurgau and St. Gallen.

Therefore, a mechanical sludge dewatering, running economically and smoothly is

even more important.

In winter 2015, a comparative performance test with well-known decanter

manufacturers as well as one screw press manufacturer was carried out and

documented by the engineering firm Hunziker & Betatech. In the following tender,

only the results, proven in the previous test, could be guaranteed. The Hiller GmbH

reached the best results of all attendees and could thus guarantee the best

performance values. So, the Hiller GmbH won the tender as economically best bidder

with their decanter type DP484/1012/SD. Meanwhile, the plant is completed and

successfully activated. The guaranteed performance values are already confirmed in

the stationary operation, too. Since then, the Hiller decanter ensures an efficient

dewatering at the WWTP in Steinach. In the meantime, it was taken over by the

customer and according to the operator, the present operational experiences are very

satisfying and the Hiller support is very competent. “The Hiller GmbH is always

available and works solution-oriented”, confirms the customer.

ARA Morgental
ARA Morgental

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