Hinowa introduces the new LightLift MK2 platforms

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Greater safety and performance with the new LightLift 17.75 and 20.10 versions, both in the Performance IIIS configuration.

Hinowa's compact, powerful and versatile tracked aerial platforms have always been synonymous with safety and reliability. The new versions of the LightLift models, which are available in various operating capacities, have reaffirmed the brand's leadership in this field.

In fact, Hinowa has just launched the MK2 versions of the LightLift 17.75 Performance IIIS and LightLift 20.10 Performance IIIS models. Some of the most salient new features include a simplified starter system with a unique key, and a newly designed basket with an original remote control unit lodging in composite material. The remote control unit on the Performance IIIS version allows the operators to quickly and easily perform the self-stabilization arm movement, and shifting operations. The display provides the operator with useful information via a simple and intuitive icon system.

Practical controls, with facilitated movement and management: the basket is even equipped with wheels in order to ensure ease of movement when disassembled. The options available on the new version include the anti-entrapment system: an additional operator protection device that guarantees maximum safety under any conditions. The wheel-mounted basket and the anti-entrapment device are also available on the LightLift 15.70 and LightLift 26.14 Performance IIIS models.

The new developments in terms of ownership and maintenance costs are also quite significant: in fact, the new loading cell can be replaced with no need for calibration using calibrated weights. This facilitates the management of the product's service life, reduces operating costs, and decreases the "total cost of ownership", both for the rental market, as well as for customers who purchase the new LightLift models for daily professional use.

The Hinowa product range distinguishes itself by the quality and power of its components. The new AGM battery features a charge maintainer with start&stop technology, which only powers the motor when a movement is actually being performed, thus resulting in considerable energy savings. The MK2 version even includes a new configuration option for the LightLift 17.75 Performance IIIS model: the Honda iGX390 petrol engine with a 3.15 cc pump, which guarantees maximum efficiency and reliability. There's even a new and even more powerful battery charger, as well as LED stabilization lights for reduced energy consumption.

With regard to the articulated structures, the new LightLift models also guarantee the same level of technical quality that all Hinowa customers have come to expect from this Italian manufacturer: the high-strength steel parts guarantee exceptional stability during use, while the pantograph and hydraulic control systems (the latter of which features components of the latest generation) ensure a faster and more precise handling of the aerial parts, thus allowing the operators to work with a degree of smoothness and precision that was never before possible.

With regard to the power units, in addition to the endothermic engines, the new LightLift models are also available with a zero-emission 110-220 volt electrical system (4.8 kW/h for the LL17.75 version, and 7.2 kW/h for the LL20.10 version), powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, which guarantees unparalleled performance in terms of noise, environmental impact, and autonomy. Hinowa has been pioneering the use of battery packs with lithium-ion technology on aerial platforms since 2008, and was proposing these types solutions long before the technology became so widely available on the market.

In a side note during the presentation of the company's sales network, Hinowa's president, Dante Fracca, stated: "The new LightLift models have completely redefined Hinowa's range of aerial platforms, even among the higher product categories. The product development work has focused upon performance and the optimization of product management for rental companies and end users. We are confident that the new MK2 models will be highly acclaimed by both the public and critics alike".

The new LightLift MK2 models are already available for order.

Hinowa introduces the new LightLift MK2 platforms

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