Hinowa LightLift: A complete, technological and efficient range of aerial platforms

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Hinowa's tracked aerial platforms with System Performance IIIS remain the best solution in terms of performance, reliability and safety.

Powerful and highly productive, the Performance IIIS tracked aerial platforms constitute the ideal solution for those who need simple machines with a significant boom length. Its high-strength steel components ensure excellent platform stability during use, while the pantograph and hydraulic control systems allow for quick and effective movement. Cutting-edge technology and advanced safety systems complete the profile of a series that offers the best solutions in terms of compactness, durability and functionality.

The LightLift range consists of the models 15.70, 17.75, 20.10 and 26.14, all offering best-in-class results thanks to advanced technical solutions and latest generation components. Outstanding performance in machines that are extremely stable, compact and versatile. LightLift platforms with Performance IIIS System ensure speed and precision of movement and make it easy to get around tall obstacles thanks to an operating boom extending from 6.60 to 13.75 metres, a working height from 15.40 to 25.70 metres and a load capacity of 230 kg for the entire working arc. The small size of the undercarriage and the possibility of disassembling the basket make it easier to transport, being able to pass through cramped and confined spaces.

All the models of the Performance IIIS series are available with different engine types: petrol, diesel and the Hinowa "Lithium-Ion" System with lithium-ion battery pack. Thanks to the total absence of exhaust fumes and reduced noise emissions, the latter solution guarantees a greater level of operational flexibility. In fact, aerial platforms with lithium-ion technology can be used in any environment, even in those closed areas without air circulation, and without having to worry about time restrictions. The absence of a power cord allows operators to carry out their normal activities without any hindrance and in total safety.

The aerial platforms with lithium-ion drives also ensure high levels of performance in terms of autonomy and environmental impact. The batteries provide a good level of autonomy (equivalent to an entire day of work) and can be recharged at any time, even during normal operation of the machine, without slowing down the pace of work. Hinowa Lithium-Ion technology guarantees zero emissions into the atmosphere and lower energy consumption. The power, speed and strength of the aerial part remain unchanged compared to the equivalent motorised version, to ensure maximum operational capacity in any context.

Hinowa was the first to apply lithium-ion technology to aerial platforms, becoming the pioneer of a standard that is now widespread and consolidated around the world.

Hinowa Lightlift Performance IIIS with lithium-ion battery pack
Hinowa Lightlift Performance IIIS with lithium-ion battery pack

Ideal for tree pruning, maintenance works, painting, the rental industry and much more!

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