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Deep-cooled OEM Spectroscopy Camera Offers Unprecedented 40% Quantum

HORIBA Scientific

systems, launched their new Syncerity back-illuminated, deep-cooled CCD

camera with an NIR-enhanced 2048x70 sensor. This CCD sensor is designed for

companies requiring an affordable OEM camera for VIS-NIR spectroscopy

applications. This new Syncerity camera joins the existing Syncerity with

front illuminated 1024 x 256 CCD sensor for UV-VIS-NIR applications.

Its high resolution 14µm pixel size makes it ideal for Raman

instrumentation. Syncerity NIR offers ultra low etaloning and more than 40%

Quantum Efficiency at 1000nm. Peak QE of 84% at 700nm, and 20% at 1050nm

means the Syncerity back-illuminated NIR offers a broad response. It is

also available in a back-illuminated UV-VIS optimized configuration.

Its lifetime vacuum warranty and compact size make it ideal for OEM

integration, particularly in Raman microscopes, and its flexible design

allows the OEM-dedicated HORIBA team to quickly adapt the camera for

industrial applications.

HORIBA Scientific addressed the need for improved performance from CCDs

available for OEM. The Syncerity is a research grade spectroscopy camera

that combines affordability, performance and versatility for OEM, as well

as research applications. Ruggedized connectors ensure overall system

integrity in industrial environments, and its all metal sealed technology

provides a permanent vacuum which comes with a lifetime maintenance-free


"The Syncerity BI-NIR CCD Detector is the perfect choice for Raman

applications," said Nicolas Vezard, Vice President - OEM Spectrometers

Division, HORIBA Scientific. "Complementing our other lines of deep cooled,

high performing spectroscopic CCD cameras, this CCD marries price and

performance, particularly in applications and markets that are price


HORIBA Scientific offers a flexible pricing structure, scalable with

performance and OEM volume requirements, from hundreds to many thousands

per year. For more information, please go to our website: You can also call us at 1-732-494-8660,

extensions 8224/2055/8200.

Deep-cooled OEM Spectroscopy Camera Offers Unprecedented 40% Quantum

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