New foil sensor for general-purpose heat flux measurement is thin, flexible and versatile

Hukseflux Thermal Sensors

FHF01, with its integrated temperature sensor, fits flat and curved surfaces

Hukseflux introduces a new range of heat flux sensors. Their common denominators: thin, flexible and versatile. Their applications? You name it: the FHF series is a general-purpose range of foil heat flux sensors that can be attached to flat and curved surfaces. The first sensor in the range is FHF01, equipped with an integrated temperature sensor and measuring from -40 to +150 oC. Please keep an eye on our website for newly developed sensors in the FHF series range.

Hukseflux is market leader in heat flux sensors for use in soil, building envelopes and fire research. See for example HFP01(SC), TRSYS01 and SBG01. Cannot find the solution you are looking for? Consider our engineering & consultancy services, or contact us directly.

FHF01 foil heat flux sensor
FHF01 foil heat flux sensor

The sensor is thin and flexible, and at the same time robust (IP67 protection class), a unique combination

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