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Eisenwerk Martinlamitz (EWM) relies on tough materials handling equipment from Hyster

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After several years of testing, Eisenwerk Martinlamitz now exclusively relies on the robust materials handling equipment from Hyster, which is designed specifically for use in iron and steel works. The specially-equipped forklift trucks can withstand the heat of the furnace in the plant and can be used where space is limited.

Located outside Schwarzenbach, on the Saale River near the Czech border, ironworks operation Martinlamitz (EWM) sells more than 50,000 tonnes of cast metal annually. This metal is used for axles on agricultural and construction equipment, commercial vehicles and railways, transmission housings and parts for wind turbines, crane and maritime engineering on to feet, arms and joints for robots. The foundry delivered the axles used for the high-speed trains deployed for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Historical documents reveal that one of Europe's oldest hammer forges existed in Martinlamitz in 1200AD, and today's foundry derives from this. Today, EWM supplies grey cast iron and modular cast iron parts to more than 21 countries around the world, including Korea, India and China.

Hyster forklift trucks receive special equipment

The EWM company site is steeped in tradition and places special demands on logistics. In particular, the company requires powerful and manoeuvrable forklift trucks that are capable of transporting cargo containing hot molten mass, with temperatures of up to 1,400 degrees in the 1.8 tonne ladles around its narrow factory halls.

Today, EWM uses Hyster Fortens H4.0-5.5FT series forklift trucks with a 5.5 tonne lifting capacity and a 600 millimetre load centre of gravity.

"The Hyster forklift trucks are especially manoeuvrable and robust, so they can also withstand the tough operating conditions", EWM Managing Director, Barry Thomas Irvin, explains.

The forklift trucks' DuraMatchTM transmission prevents sudden braking, for example, and controls the direction of travel to ease the load placed on the brakes and tyres. The forklift trucks drive with super-elastic tyres, which are robust enough to also compensate for uneven ground and floor surfaces. Hyster also improved the stability mechanism (HSM) for lateral stability, without compromising the ride on uneven surfaces.

Additional oil cooler and temperature-resistant hydraulics

In order to withstand the high temperatures of the melting furnace, the forklift trucks required to operate in that area are equipped with .....

Eisenwerk Martinlamitz (EWM) relies on tough materials handling equipment from Hyster

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