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Tier 4 Final / Stage IV on Hyster agenda at TOC Europe

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Hyster is a world leading supplier of container and intermodal handlers and the latest Tier 4f / Stage IV compliant trucks are being progressively introduced to the market throughout 2014.

“Hyster ReachStackers and Container Handlers, used to transfer and stack shipping containers in ports and terminals operations, have already been proven to offer significant savings in fuel costs with the optimised Tier 4i / Stage IIIB engines” Chris van de Werdt, Sales Manager for Hyster Big Trucks explained at a recent dedicated Hyster HUB event in Germany in May. “End users will further benefit with enhanced savings offered by the latest Tier 4f / Stage IV compliant models.”

In July 2014, the first Hyster Big Trucks above 18t lifting capacity will leave the production line in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, featuring EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technologies to meet the Tier 4f / Stage IV legislation.

In close cooperation with its partners, Hyster has managed to further reduce operational costs for customers through intelligent design, rigorous field testing and a significant number of engineering hours.

“Our goal was to continue our Profitable Low Emissions strategy reducing the total cost of operations and ownership while meeting the new standards for a cleaner environment,” says Jan Willem van den Brand, Product Strategy Manager Big Trucks. “Building upon the success we have had with Stage IIIB / Tier 4i where we achieve up to 20% fuel savings, we managed to get another 5% going to Final. So we now have up to 25% fuel savings on our 2014 models compared to Stage IIIA 2010 trucks and many of our competitors.”

The additional fuel savings greatly offset the very low Urea consumption averaging about 3.5% of fuel consumption (Urea is generally half the cost of Diesel). As the trucks do not need a DPF the running cost associated with that is also eliminated.

Tier 4 Final / Stage IV on Hyster agenda at TOC Europe

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