Brushless DC Motor BLDC MOTOR brushless motor DC MOTOR

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Structure and Characteristic of BLDC motor

-REPM brushless motor used for Electronic Power Steering (EPS) and auto chair in automobile.

-High speed and lower noise brushless DC motor used for hand drier and breathing machine.

-Brushless motor with Highest-speed of 40000rpm used for centrifuge and other industrial equipment.

-Reliable brushless motor used in Fan Filter Unit (FFU)

-Min Numerical Control Machine : Lathe Machine, Drilling machine, Milling machine, The relative driver system(brushless motor and control)

-Energy-effient motor and driver used in electric bicycle, high speed planetary geared motor

-Servo motor and controller system


Mixer, Water-pump, Oil-pump, Air-pump and etc.


􀁺 Multi poles to increase the output torque

􀁺 Non-brush structure and long life design

􀁺 High torque density encapsulation

􀁺 High performance NdFeB magnet

Brushless DC Motor BLDC MOTOR  brushless motor DC MOTOR

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