Stepper Motor Stepping Motor Stepped Motor Hybrid Stepper Motor HB Stepper Motor

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Motors may be customized with value added features including, but not limited to : gearboxed, encoders, shaft details, leadwire-connector assemblies, connection box, and more.

All specification shown are typical at 20℃ unless otherwise noted.

Shaft extensions

All motors can be supplied with single or double ended shaft


The motor rotation can rn clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the commutation.

Operating temperature

Ambient operating temperature : -20℃ to +40℃

leads upon request; however, rated current and torque many be reduced.

Number of leads

Reger to specification of individual models for standard lead wires configureation. Motors can be supplied with 4, 6 or 8


Standard angular accuracy is ±5%. Angular accuracy is defined as the deviation from a theoretical position, in percentage of one step , asfter any number of steps.

Holding torque

The typical values of holding torque of the different models are indicated in the data charts. Holding torque is measured with two phased each supplied at the rated current.

Specifications and approvals

Motors are manufactured according to EN 60034-1: 1995-02. Motors with drive voltage higher than or equal to 120v are suitable to be fitted on machines equipped with additional insulation or when the motor itself has the grounding through its clamping screws

Due to thermal consideration, stepper motors can''t always be operated continuously in dynamic condition at their static rated phase current


Step Angle(Accuracy )------- 1.8°(±5%)

Resistance Accuracy -------- ±10%

Inductance Accuracy -------- ±20%

Temperature Rise ----------- 80℃Max.

Ambient Temperature -------- -10℃~50℃

Insulation Resistance ------ 100Mohm Min, 50VDC

Dielectric Strength -------- 500VAC for one minute

Shaft Radial Play ---------- 0.06Max. (450 g-load)

Shaft Axial Play ----------- 0.08Max.(450 g-load)

Stepper Motor Stepping Motor Stepped Motor Hybrid Stepper Motor HB Stepper Motor

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