Eliminating external lubrication

Oliver Cyrus
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Infographic: Eliminating external lubrication drastically reduces costs

Tribo-plastic bearings made of high-performance polymers are increasingly being used in various applications worldwide. Designers and engineers trust the self-lubricating and maintenance-free bearings as a long-lasting and cost-saving alternative to metallic bearings. Plastic bearings are used in a wide range of applications, from bicycles and printers to packaging technology and agricultural machinery.

By using Tribo-plastic bearings instead of metal bearings, users save up to 40 percent in purchase costs. Users also save by eliminating the need to purchase external lubrication. Machine downtimes are significantly reduced due to the self-lubricating and maintenance-free properties of the bearings. The infographic below summarizes the cost benefits of avoiding external lubrication.

Eliminating external lubrication

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