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Soda blasting - replacement of sandblasting

Indusco Solution
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Soda blasting machines form Indusco Solution

Soda treatment is a non-invasive process for cleaning the surface of dirt and paint. It relies on a mechanical surface treatment with a pressurized food soda (sodium carbonate) pressurized from the nozzle. Cleaning with soda does not cause any damage, so that a smooth surface without scratches and roughness is retained.

Soda cleaning equipment is used in many industries, and our clients use it as a basis for painting of objects, small and large structures, cleaning of brick, wood, plaster, bodywork, interiors and chassis historic and modern vehicles, maintaining cleanliness in the cities: removing graffiti, cleaning paving stones, restoring historic facades, monuments and gravestones, removing production dirt in the food industry.

The use of soda is harmless and ecological, harmless to human health and the environment. Soda is a non-toxic, non-combustible and fully biodegradable substance.

Our soda-blasting machine can replace the sandblasting machine, as the design and construction of the device allows to use all sorts of abrasives.

Soda blast machine
Soda blast machine

soda blast machine