M3MH Probe Kit

Innovalia Metrology

Complete measurement solution for machine tools

Innovalia Metrology presents M3MH Probe Kit after the anticipation of the launch of M3MH. This kit is the integral measuring solution for machine tool composed of an optical probe, a receiver and a tool setter.

M3MH Probe Kit aims to complement the measurement process to M3MH, the complete metrology Software that maximizes the performance and accuracy of your machine tool allowing the verification, the set up and the measurement according to the industry demanding.

Features and benefits:

- Agile integration with all kinds of controls

- Measure, align and program intuitively

- GD&T machine tool compatible

- Tool setting

- Analysis of useful tool life

- M3 Analytics compatible (SPC)

M3MH Probe Kit
M3MH Probe Kit

Complete measurement solution for machine tools

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