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Greg Kane
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easy to use, no programming required

INTELLIDRIVES MULTI-AXES MOTION and AUTOMATION CONTROLLER is a network-based general purpose motion/automation controller with embedded intuitive IBLOCK® programming capability.

IBLOCK® visual block programming environment runs in the web browser on any hardware and software platforms. IBLOCK® uses functional blocks linked together to create complex multi-axes motion control sequences of different motor types interacting with digital and analog I/O and vision systems.

BLOCK Visual Editor uses graphical blocks to represent motion commands, control of the input/output devices, variables, logic expressions, math, loops and more without having to worry about complexities of the programming languages.

IMAC controls network of Digital Stepper and Servo I-DRIVES™ as well as digital and analog I/O.

IMAC can operate as a stand-alone system or connected to the user network or Internet.

As a stand-alone controller, IMAC can take the place of a PC in a control system to reduce cost.

IMAC can also be configured to work in conjunction with a PC where the IMAC handles the real-time processes such as motion control and automation, and the PC is used as programming environment and GUI

IMAC Multi-axes Motion and Automation Controller
IMAC Multi-axes Motion and Automation Controller

IMAC Multi-axes Motion and Automation Controller

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