Rack clad/rack self supported cladding

Trista Zhang

Rack cladding support steel warehouse and also support the walls and roof

A rack supported warehouse is where the racking meant for holding the material is also used to support the walls and roof of the warehouse. It makes sense to utilize the racking (with storage of steel coils/plates/ sheet packs/long products), which has the high modulus of rigidity and bulk strength for supporting the roof and side claddings with appropriate purlins. Considering that the cost of land, materials and labourcontinue to rise, the rack supported building concept becomes a more economical warehousing solution to high bay storage of above 25 meters with automatic warehouse management system (WMS).

rack clad case
rack clad case

Size & Load customized load and size,total height can reach 40 meters Horizontal running speed 0-240m/min by frequency control Lifting speed 0-60m/min by frequence control Positioning method Laser ranging + rotary encoder,photoelectric address Positioning accuracy -/+3;-/+5

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