TA600 Active Vibration Isolating Optical Table

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Active Vibration Isolation System

TA600 active vibration isolating optical table is made of high strength aluminum alloy with honeycomb core structure. It consists of high precision voice coil actuators, hall height sensors and control module, acceleration sensors, high precision signal filters and high speed control system.

A number of 8 accelerate transducers pick up(detect and collect) the signals from 6 DOF when the optical table disturbed by the environment vibration. The signal will be amplified by the filter and sent to DSP controller via A/D converter. With accurate calculation, the voice coil actuators installed in 6 DOF will make a counter-force to damp the vibration. Excellent vibrating efficiency will be then achieved.


▪Microscopes and electric microscopes

▪Small size optical devices

▪Roundness measurement Instruments

▪Other devices that requires high vibration isolation efficiency

Technical Specifications:

Net Weight 40kg

Dimension 600X500X100mm

Load Capacity 10-120kg

Top Plate Aluminum Alloy

Power Supply 220V, 50Hz

Power Input 50W

Working Temperature 15-40℃

Working Condition Placed on a platform with flatness better than 0.5mm/m²

Isolating Frequency 0.7-200Hz

Vibration Isolating Direction 6 DOF, auto load capacity adjustment

Vibration Isolating Efficiency >5Hz 90%, >10Hz 95%

TA600 Active Vibration Isolating Optical Table

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