Low price Woodworking CNC Router with Linear ATC


Woodworking CNC Router

Widely used for production of cabinet door, solid wooden door, computer desk, assembling furniture, and large area and mass engraving on MDF and HDF, wood board, plane cutting, 3D embossment, and more •

Working area (X, Y, and Z): 2,000 x 4,000 x 230mm •

Maximum engraving speed: 25,000mm/min •

Reposition and hold mode: <0.5/300mm •

Spindle: 8.0kW HSD electro-spindle •

X/Y/Z guide rail: square linear rail •

Transmission: X/Y rack gear •

Dust collector: 3.0kW •

Vacuum: 5.5kW •

Hold method: vacuum

Different types of cnc router
Different types of cnc router

1. The lathe is founded by industrial pipe welding, box-type structure to ensure the high stability 2. The Special instruments to eliminate welding stress, high-precision machining planer ensure the precision and no deformation. 3. The major machine body makes the stability and no shacking in high speed. 4. XYZ all apply imported screw, high precision gear frame and linear square guide ,ensure the high accuracy . 5. The professional mechanical design, scientific structure and generous appearance. 6. XYZ axis use anti-dust system, prevent dust during working, make sure the long lifespan of spare parts. 7. High quality driver motors, spindle motors, cables, inverters, etc. 8. Professional CNC control system, can compatible with many kinds CAM software, such as TYPE3/ARTCAM/UG/PRO-E/MASTERCAM.

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