3-layer Inline MDO Cast Film Machine Introduced in Israel

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3-layer Inline MDO Cast Film Machine

In 2015, a 3-layer inline MDO cast film machine(model: BPE-21000) manufactured by Jinming was installed in Israel. The machine is to produce PE film with 1650mm film width and 500kg/h max production capacity. Its highest stretch ratio is designed to be ten times. Jinming is the first manufacturer able to provide high stretch ratio MDO technology.

Back in 2002, Jinming Machinery(Guangdong) Co., Ltd., started the R&D and production of cast film machines. In 2013, Jinming took over Shantou Far East Equipment Company, a manufacturer who has significant experience and technology on stretch film machines. By integrating technology from both companies, Jinming is becoming one of the few leading enterprise globally who can provide whole solutions of plastic film machines.

Jinming inline MDO cast film machine not only saves labor cost, but also enhances machine stability. Inline MDO cast film is superior in barrier, strength, flatness, tensile strength as well as porosity. The machine simplifies the stretching process, enjoying almost a threefold increase in film production while using same amount of plastic resin. It also provides some options to improve film properties like anti-crease, tearing and breathability.

Currently on the market the MDO film is mainly applied in hygienic product, label, and rock wool. While the MDO film produced by Jinming machine can be used in the process of shredding and woven. This new application is gonna change the processing technique in plastic woven industry, expending the future development of the MDO film.

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3-layer Inline MDO Cast Film Machine Introduced in Israel

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