Equipment Maintenance for Client in Penvita

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Equipment Maintenance for Client in Penvita

On July 4, 2014, commissioning personnel from Jinming went to the factory of the client in Penvita, Indonesia, for equipment commissioning. The main commissioning tasks and technical problems solved on site were as follows:

1. Detailed inspection for overall unit.

2. Procedure and operating test for components of the unit.

3. A professional and detailed analysis and evaluation report was prepared, detailed information feedback was provided to the client and a commissioning plan was determined.

4. The air ring for the molding control was dismantled and cleared. The thickness and evenness of products were optimized to the maximum.

5. The circuit wiring of the overall unit was re-arranged according to the client’s plant space.

6. Demolition and clearing of the equipment die heads was carried out and issues such as the burning of feed material and crystal points caused by frequent changes to the formula were solved.

7. According to the production formula requirements of the client and based on years of commissioning experience, two engineers took measures to improve the production capacity of the unit and to maximize the client’s profit.

The effectiveness of the commissioning was recognized by the client, who praised Jinming’s commissioning personnel for their professional techniques and excellent service attitude and their ability to communicate with the client patiently, carefully identify problems as well as assisting the client to solve these problems.

Equipment Maintenance for Client in Penvita

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