Electrical Pneumatic hydraulic Hybrid Rotary joint

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JINPAT gas-liquid rotary joint

Formerly to provide power , signal and gas \ liquid media transmission for the automation rotary equipment, using electrical slip ring connected with a pneumatic hydraulic rotary joint often makes it hard to install and space increased. To avoid this , the electrical pneumatic hydraulic hybrid rotary joint will be the best solution .

AS high sealed requirements for the electrical pneumatic hydraulic hybrid rotary joint, it needs to adopt different structures and sealed materials according to the medium and pressure.

JINPAT Electronics reached a cooperation agreement with the famous Germany sealed pneumatic hydraulic rotary joint manufacture , to research the hybrid rotary joint together. For different customer requirements, it’s viable to integrated into electrical slip ring, hi-frequency rotary joint,Waveguide rotary joint and fiber optic rotary joint etc for the pneumatic hydraulic rotary joint.

With high precision parts machining , advanced surface treatment technology and new testing equipment to ensure precision and wear resistance of rotation axis surface. Structure screened strictly by the experts and original imports sealing elements, fully guarantee product to be stable and good performance under the different media and pressure. It breaks the normal procedure to most of Chinese manufactures which import pneumatic hydraulic rotary joint only , but no export

We JINPAT customized for different requirements with reasonable prices to create high profit for you. Please tell us your special needs to provide best solution for you.

Electrical Pneumatic hydraulic Hybrid Rotary joint

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