Servo Motor Slip Ring

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slip ring with profibus, profinet signal

Using of advanced technology,JINPAT developed a new servo motor slip ring which can transmit encoder signal . Specially designed for servo motor, encoder etc. automatic control system; Can be together with other switching signal and power wire, for example profibus, profinet. Internal wiring and special screen moudle design to completely eliminate the error.

These special design slip ring ensure stable transmission power of servo motor in the process of rotation. Encoder signal bit error rate reduction, packet loss reduction, whatsmore light quality and compact design make it no installation of strict space constraints. The electrical properties of the slip ring is superior, maintenance free, long service life .

Features of servo motor slip ring LPT038-1405-37S:

1.Through bore size 38.1mm

2.14 circuits@5A and 37 circuits signals

3.Insulation resistance 1000MΩ@500VDC

4.Dielectric strength 600VDC@50HZ

5.Materials :Lead Free,RoHS compliant

6.Humidity 10% to 90% RH

7.Contact material: Precious Metal

8.Electrical noise:10mΩ@6VDC,50mA,5Rpm

Servo Motor Slip Ring

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