Slip Ring In The Applications of Crane

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Solid shaft slip ring with IP68

A slip ring is an electrical component responsible for rotator connectivity, energy and signals transport. Overall slip ring relies on stretch lap principle, the principle of the rolling lap, or sealing principle, and clever movement structure and seal design, precision parts production with a reasonable selection, which from a stable and reliable connectivity rotation system. As long as the slip ring attached to the unlimited rotating equipment, we can provide the power and energy to the rotating body, while endless rotary movement.

Slip ring as a rotating hub, to ensure the crane move up and down normally. However, it is different for the light-duty crane and heavy duty crane for the requirements of the slip ring.


JINPAT light duty crane slip ring LPTS000-0340-1305 features 3 circuits @40A 220V and 13 circuits @5A 220V. Usually, this slip rings cost longer manufacturing time than standard slip rings. Of course, we have designed some other crane slip rings

and become the slip ring supplier for SANY.

Characters of port crane slip ring:

Low electrical noise (smaller than 5mΩ), isolation is larger than 60dB

High current transmission (as high as 2000A), solid core and through-bore (inner diameter can reach 800mm) are optional.

Transmit analog signal, digital signal, touch signal, communication signal, Canbus and so on with low transmission loss at the same time.

High protection grade (IP65), low and high temperature resistant, salt fog-proof, shock resistant, high pressure resistant.

Reliable capacity, long lifetime, easy to maintain

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Slip Ring In The Applications of  Crane

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