2000 Rpm High Speed Through Bore Slip Ring

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Medical slip ring

The standard product through hole is option from 12.7mm,25.4mm,38.1mm,50mm,96mm to 200mm.We also have designed big hole size slip ring up to 1000 mm .The current rating 2A/5A/10A/15A per circuit.

LPT012 series high speed through bore slip ring provides a 12.7mm through-bore for routing hydraulic or pneumatic lines. The 2 amps /circuit are available in 1-12 ring. used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, continuous rotation while transferring power or data from a stationary to a rotating structure. Its speed up to 2000rpm, service time up to 170 million rpm; the slip ring still keep running smooth about 50 million rpm when we test with speed 10000rpm, Testing at the 80°C environment, it Can keep working for a long time.

LPT012B-0302-U2 has successfully used for medical rotating Scheimpflug camera system for anterior segment analysis. This ophthalmic imaging analysis instrument provides crisp images of cornea, iris and crystalline lens , 360° rotation to shot 50 images of the fracture of the cornea, each image can obtain 500 real corneal height points. In the time of less than 2 seconds to measure and analyze 25000-138000 corneal data points to obtain the anterior segment of the three-dimensional image.

For some special applications,our slip rings have features of anti-salt spary, explosion proof, anti vibration ,anti electromagnetic interference etc.Routing signals optional,profibus,canbus,usb2.0,HDMI,thermocouple signal etc.

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2000 Rpm High Speed Through Bore Slip Ring

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