Ethernet Slip Ring Wear-free Straightforward Accessibility Consolidating Signal


CCTV IP-surveillance slip ring solution

The LPC Series Ethernet slip ring is a rotating assembly used to transfer power, control circuits or data (analog / digital) from stationary inlets to rotating outlets. Utilizing high performance gold-on-gold contacts, this series features low electrical noise and Ethernet cables terminated with RJ45 connectors. Standard models are available in 6 ,8, 12,18, 24, 30, 36, 56 and 76 circuits.

The Ethernet slip ring provides 1000 Base T Ethernet communication in combination with 12, 2 amp, signal / power connections. The Ethernet cable is supplied terminated with a RJ45 jack, ready to connect. The Ethernet slip ring utilizes gold-on-gold contact technology with very low electrical noise for unparalleled performance and provides functional life that exceeds any competitive slip ring.


Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3 formats





Speeds up to 250 RPM continuous

12, 24, 36 and 48 inch lead lengths

Supplied with 1000BaseT Ethernet and 12, 2 amp circuits

2.Typical Applications :

GigE Vision (video over Ethernet)

Motor control



POE (Power-Over-Ethernet)

CCTV IP-surveillance

3.The technology at a glance:


Due to their working principle of capacitive transmission, Ethernet slip rings are wear-free and resistant to mechanically derived malfunctions. A stable and robust housing adds to their reliability.


The technology has all the advantages of modern Ethernet. This means standard RJ45 connectivity, straightforward accessibility, consolidating signal

lines, and useful features such as Auto-negotiation and Auto-MDI/X.

Increased Transmission Speed:

Bandwidth restrictions are a known limitation for contacting slip rings. In contrast, our Ethernet slip rings provide a full 1.25 Gbit/s data rate.

Ethernet  Slip Ring Wear-free Straightforward Accessibility Consolidating Signal

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