Slip ring assemblies for radar antennas

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RF coaxial rotary joint/FORJs/Wave guide rotary join/

The radar antenna slip ring is a mechanical and electrical component to transmit current and data signals from the fixed device to the rotating device.JINPAT continues to explore in the field of radar antenna ring. And it cooperates with a number of domestic military research institute.

Radar slip ring features:

1.Modular design with power,signal, RF, optical fiber ,Gas-liquid etc.

2.Diversified signal modules, such as Ethernet / serial/CANBUS/ encoder signal etc.

3. FORJs up to 19 channels, single/multi or mix transmission.

4.RF rotary joint can be coaxial/wave guide rotary joint or mix transmission.

5.Wave guide rotary joint with rich frequency bands, can be 3 channels

6.RF coaxial rotary joint with high bandwidth, frequency from 3 GHz to 50GHz.

Environmental performance:

1.Relative humidity: 98%RH and above

2.Operating temperature: -60°C~ 80°C

3.High and low temperature impact: pass GJB150.6-1986 high and low temperature impact test

4.Heat and moisture resistance: pass GJB150.9A-2009 damp heat test

5.Salt spray resistance: GJB150.11A-2009 salt spray test

6.Electromagnetic interference (EMC): GJB151B-2013 test

Slip ring assemblies for radar antennas

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