Application and development of mercury slip ring in printing machinery

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slip ring high current and high speed

Because of the high cost of printing machinery, rotary parts adopt imported mercury slip ring. In high-end printing machinery, the device costs a few million to tens of millions, so cost of this small part slip ring takes a very small part of the entire.

In developed countries, under mature hi-end printing technology environment, mercury slip ring of the hi-end device is also important. On many equipment, customers use large current and high speed mercury slip ring such as wide adoption CTP, UV printing, commercial application of waterless offset printing technology. This series of printing generally use High speed digital FM screening of traditional amplitude modulation screening.( 300 lines / inch or more, even up to 400 lines / inch). The largest current can be up to 3000A. But it takes too expensive. Ordinary device can’t use. This slip ring is just used in hi-end printing equipment. And with so large current and high precision, the human eye in the ordinary visual range is difficult to distinguish the conventional 175 wire / inch or 200 wires / inches and the number of lines to be able to distinguish the dot, reticle, rose spot, moire patterns and other visual interference situation. Due to the widespread use of mercury slip ring, some of the printed products carry out a high current FM screening technology.

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Application and development of mercury slip ring in printing machinery

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