Capacitive Coupling Contactless Signal Transfer Method

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Signal Transfer Of Slip Ring\ Slip Ring Technique

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In order to solve the wear, signal drift and low reliability problem of the rotational motion mechanism of the contact electrical transmission mechanism such as slip rings , a new non-contact signal transmission method using the capacitive coupling is introduced. We propose a signal transmission structure, and analyze the distribution parameters and equivalent circuit Modeling and simulation of signal transmission is done and the data transfer circuits designed .The prototype is built that realizes the real time data transparent transmission between the moving parts ,and removes the contact and friction. Multichannel signal transmission can be performed if it is extended. The measured data transfer rate reaches 400kbit/s. This method can be used in aerospace, wind power, medical, military and other fields.

In some rotating structures,because of the rotational moving, it will unable to transmit signal through the wire and it is necessary to use the slip ring to complete the signal transmission. Contacted slip ring due to the high speed friction between the inner and outer rings will produce heat and noise, gradually it will be easy to deform ,this affect the contact tightness, thus affecting the contact resistance of slip ring..and Resulting in transmission signal distortion.etc.

Capacitive coupling technology is using a constantly changing electric field to transmit information in an intermediate medium (such as air gap). The dielectric space between the capacitor plates is a dielectric isolator that forms a barrier layer for data non-contact transmission. The immunity of a capacitor to a magnetic field can make it working in a saturated or high-density magnetic field environment. In the rotating structure through capacitive coupling to transmit information . It can realize the non- contact signal transfer in the rotating state when transmitted by capacitive coupling in a rotating structure. That has advantages of low cost ,stable and reliable and avoid the weak point of the contact slip ring, effectively prolonged the slip ring service life.

Capacitive Coupling Contactless Signal Transfer Method

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