The Slip Ring solutions to turntable

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36 circuits low torque capsule slip ring

Slip ring is used to connect rotating machine to transfer current or signal, it is the key component especially in precise turntable, centrifuge and inertial navigation equipment and so on.

Turntable slip ring is specifically designed for turntable. Because the turntable slip ring generally applied in the high-end field such as military turntable. This type of slip ring has strict demand about product size, signal, performance, strong technical strength of supplier, product quality control and after-sales service.

JINPAT’s turntable slip ring has the following characteristics: low torque, low resistance fluctuation, compact appearance.

•Specification (Product Model: LPC-36A)

•36 circuits@ 2A


•300rpm working speed

•Gold to Gold contact

•Metal or engineering housing material is optional

•Transmit various analog and digital signals

•Lead wire length and connector are optional

The Slip Ring solutions to turntable

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