1000BASE-T Ethernet through bore slip ring

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JINPAT slip ring work for Industry Ethernet

JINPAT provide 100Base-T or 1000Base-T Ethernet connections with a combination of power and most general filed BUS.Our Ethernet slip ring generally comes with two scheme .which are the JINPAT capsule Ethernet slip rings and through bore Ethernet slip rings. LPT025-0202-E3-U2 through bore Ethernet slip ring, has 25 mm through bore, with Ethernet channel combined with one USB 2.0.

Every Ethernet slip rings come out from JINPAT facility would be tested with specific Ethernet instruments and we will look at the data transmission!


IP Grade IP54 or Higher,


Working speed:0~300 rpm,

confur:2X 2A,1XUSB2.0 plus 1000BASE-T

Gold to Gold contact

JINPAT 1000T- Based Ethernet Slip rings
JINPAT 1000T- Based Ethernet Slip rings

Through bore 25.4mm one way 1000T based Ethernet & One way USB2.0

JINPAT Laboratory Ethernet rotating testing

We are serious about the features, testing is the must schedule.

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