Variable Propeller Signal Slip Ring

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Wind generator slip ring LPW-0560-26S

This wind turbine slip ring is specially designed for pitch system to provide power supply, transmit control signal and communication signal. Imported metal brush ensures long life. Automatic temperature adjustment function according to different environment.Its speed measuring device can strengthen the

speed monitoring of fan and the safety protection of fan.


1.Number of Circuits:5 circuits(power)+26 circuits(signal)

2.Voltage Rating:400VAC(power),24VDC(signal)

3.Current:5 circuits@ 60A, 26 signals

4.Scope of application:1.25~2.5MW

5.Working Temperature:–40°C~+80°C

6.Working life:About 220 million RPM(According to the working environment)

Variable Propeller Signal Slip Ring

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