High Frequency Rotary Joints

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Wave guide rotary joints designed for radar

LPHF high frequency rotary joints include coaxial rotary joints, wave guide rotary joints, coaxial / wave guide rotary joints, which are also called high frequency slip rings, RF slip rings. High frequency rotating joint is specifically designed to meet the transmission of high speed serial digital signal or analog signal, such as high definition signal, radio frequency signal, microwave signal, etc. This series of products not only supports the separate transmission of single or multichannel high-frequency signals , but also supports the hybrid transmission of high frequency signals and control signals, communication signals, power supply, fluid medium , that is, combination slip ring.

The main application of rotary joints

1: Air traffic control radar, satellite ground station

2: Military radar system, ground, airborne, ship borne

3: EW system, Electronic Countermeasures System

High Frequency Rotary Joints

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