How large is the welding strength of JINPAT carbon brush slip ring?

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See it as follows:

In the light of welding connection of the slip ring base between supporting plate and foot, its stress and strain field is analyzed under the gravity load.

Of course, the test is carried out by our specific team specializing in the scientific structural analysis of slip ring.

By choosing a proper unit type and material model, the geometric model is created as the following image shows.

After loading and solving on the basis of a scientific mesh division, there comes the simulating result. The picture below shows both deformed geometry and undeformed contour profile of the swivel base.

From the stress and strain contour displayed from different perspectives, we are told that the carbon brush unit can serve a safe welding part in operation thanks to the smallest displacement of supporting foot and large welding strength.

Carbon Brush Slip Ring
Carbon Brush Slip Ring

Large current-carrying capacity and high protection level

the geometric model

testing result

the strain contour

the stress contour

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