Large Dielectric Strength Compact Capsule Slip Ring with Long Service Life

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n May, JINPAT has successfully developed an improved slip ring that caters to the equipment of the client. Or rather, its pivotal technical point has been achieved beyond expectation.

The new-launched capsule slip ring is improved from the existing part, which distinguishes itself with a large dielectric strength. Meanwhile, it has retained its compact size. Through figuring out a scientific and reasonable creepage distance and clearance, combined with the insulator thickness, the part makes its circuit design and insulation distance in a proper way. Unique wire arrangement in rotor side and brush wires modes are worked out to achieve such technical properties.

The large dielectric strength slip ring has a working voltage of 240VAC/DC, and current of 2A. Its working speed is 300 rpm and it can operate at a temperature of -20~+60℃. After the in-house test, it proves to enjoy a large dielectric strength up to 3300VAC@50Hz. And the last point lies in its long service life (2 million turns), which make it possible to finish a long-time operation with no need of updating.

JINPAT Capsule Slip Ring
JINPAT Capsule Slip Ring

Large Dielectric Strength and Long Sevice Life

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