JINPAT Solution for Servomechanism Slip Ring

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Servomechanism is an automatic device that uses error-sensing negative feedback to correct the action of a mechanism.

Slip ring, being a part of the system, is used at the output, to measure the actual position of the mechanical system compared to the control input. JINPAT slip ring for servo system helps transmit signals and current stably. Simultaneous transmission of other signals or integration with other rotary joints is supported. Internal wire diagram and special shielding in modular design make a completely avoiding from encoder signal interference or code error. It, therefore, ensures the output is achieving the desired effects. With an isolation of 45dB between rings, it is applied widely in military equipment, test equipment, and automatic control system. Allowing for the specific use, the circuit number, power or size of the servo system slip ring can be customized.

Servomechanism Slip Ring
Servomechanism Slip Ring

Transmit current, signal and gas

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