360° Rotating Solution for Electro-optical and Gas-liquid Mixed Transmission

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As to recent research, JINPAT has introduced its first pneumatic hydraulic and electrical integrated rotary joint.

It is a high-precision unit in domestic industry, supporting integrated transmission of electricity, gas, liquid and various signals, such as HD-SDI (1080P@30Hz), Gigabit Ethernet, RS422 signal, Rotary Transformer signal and Excitation signal etc.

Such a multi-circuit rotary joint features a stacked structure with compact design. As an initiated part in its field, it has the characteristics of large bandwidth, high velocity, and anti-interference. Besides its high reliability in operation, it is free of maintenance.

Apart from general tests, the part manufactured by JINPAT has passed a series of tests of high and low temperature, damp heat, vibration, shock and salt mist in line with military standard. Right now, the integrated rotary joint has been applied successfully in some electro-optical radar for military use. And its smooth and stable running has won high acknowledgments as always.

Pneumatic hydraulic and electrical integrated rotary joint
Pneumatic hydraulic and electrical integrated rotary joint

Transmit HD video signal, current, gas, and liquid

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