JINPAT 3 Channels RF Rotary Joint

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Specialized as JINPAT is in slip ring developing, it also focuses on RF rotary joint research relentlessly.

Lately, a coax rotary joint is designed with two-channel transferring HF signal and 1 channel for DC. It has a working frequency up to DC-2.2GHz. Small and light with compact design, it has a high integration, easy to install. Working in a temperature of -20℃~+80℃, the rotary joint can provide 2 million revolutions with low insertion loss (2.5dB). Its application covers many areas, such as rotary tables, camera pan and tilt, robots, display and check machines, and medical equipment, etc. As to the cable length, stator/rotor wire length, it is customized options for customers. Currently, reasonably sound quality control and management system takes the responsibility for every step of machining and assembly process. Thus, a high quality is guaranteed with a high satisfaction from customers.

JINPAT RF Rotary Joint
JINPAT RF Rotary Joint

Transmitting HF Signal and Current

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