Blister Machine BMP270

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Blister Machine BMP270

Blister Machine BMP270

· The main structure has a vertical partition to separate the drive section (rear) from the operating zones (front).

· GMP-compliant cantilever (balcony type) layout for easy, pharmaceutically compliant cleaning.

· Adopts digital position indicator achieves straightforward adjustment.

· Equipped with format locking, positioning system and quick-fitting, tool-free design, achieves extremely straightforward format changeover (new).

· In the sealing station, when the machine stops, the heating sealing mould can rise up automatically, to prevent hot air from getting into the blister pockets, so that medicine effectiveness is preserved.

· Sealing pressure adopts the gas-hydraulic pressure cylinder, so the pressure can be set freely according to the sealing area (commonly a larger sealing area requires higher pressure) (new).

· This machine is equipped with an integrated forming material splicer to enhance efficiency during material replacement.

· The upper and lower plates adopt contact heating method that significantly reduces the forming temperature. Thus the shrinkage, deforming of packaging material and power consumption are minimized.

· Using a quick-fitting design enables replacement of lidding material easily within 10 seconds.

· The blister length can be set freely through Touch Screen User Interface, which reduces the time for a format changeover.

. Larger area of working station, width of forming, sealing and embossing stations reach 180mm, suitable for mass production requirement.

. Glass safety doors assures safe operation.

Main Technical Parameters:

Max. Speed: alu/alu 40 punches/min. alu/pvc 50 punches/min.

Max. Output: 400 blisters/min. (alu/pvc blister size 57× 80mm)

Max. Forming Area: 265×170mm

Max Forming Depth: 22mm

Material: Max. width 270mm

Machine Power: 14.5kw

Machine Dimension: 5300×1200×2000mm (5 stations)

Machine Weight: 2400kg

Blister Machine BMP270

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