Universal tunnel washers lurea tepc

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Application and advantages:

- Tunnel washing machines LUREA TEPC are perfect for limited spaces and are real labour saver.

- The tunnel washing machines LUREA TEPC are designed for washing totes, crates, boxes, pallets and other containers of various sizes.

The washing machine have the following modules:

- The washing module is designed to wash containers with a washing solution of the required proportion of water and washing solution under a certain temperature rinsed through jet nozzles. The solution is warmed up by thermo-electrical elements which are located in the washing module.

The solution goes through the system of filters and is used as many times

as required.

- The rinsing module is designed to rinse the washing solution off with cold water under pressure of the totes through the system of jet nozzles. Ifsterilization is required, an option of connecting hot water 80-85 °С to the rinsing module is available.

Technical Specifications and Advantages

- Washing modules and main parts are manufactured of stainless steel AISI 304;

- Energy saving design;

- Water heating thermoelectric elements;

- Digital regulation of washing modes;

- Filtering and circulating of water and washing solution for economic usage;

- Adjustable tracks for various sizes of totes, pallets, boxes and other containers;

- Automatic washing solution doser to keep a required % of washing detergent in water;

- Water level system that keeps a required level of water in the tank;

- Two level filter system for cleaning washing solution;

- Detachable side panels for easy service;

- Conveyer speed regulator;

- Thermo regulator;

 Adjustable legs for regulating height of the machine.

Universal tunnel washers lurea tepc

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