A safe bet: The LABOM diaphragm seal DD8050

Birgit Held
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Contact with aggressive substances such as sour gas poses a constant challenge for measurement technology. LABOM, has developed a compact diaphragm seal, the DD8050, which guarantees especially high safety thanks to its unique construction.

Components deployed in the oil and gas extraction industry must meet exacting standards: the gases extracted can contain the highly toxic sour gas, of which even the minutest quantities can be fatal. That is why measuring devices that come in contact with such media must guarantee that no gas can escape with one hundred percent certainty. The extremely corrosive properties of the gas and the strict regulations of the sour gas materials standard NACE MR-0175 / ISO 15156-3 render many conventional instruments unfit for this task: a lot of conventional stainless steels and other alloys are ruled out, for example, because these materials cannot withstand the corrosive nature of the gas.

LABOM, manufacturer of measuring devices based in Hude, has now developed a diaphragm seal made from a choice of Hastelloy or stainless steel “in NACE MR-0175 compliant quality“ – both materials fulfill the requirements for contact with an aggressive substance such as sour gas. A diaphragm seal separates the device from the process and so prevents the attached instrument from coming into contact with the sour gas.

As well as being compact another distinguishing feature of the DD8050 is its especially rugged construction. The upper part of the diaphragm seal, on which the downstream pressure gauge is subsequently attached, is also rigidly welded. This robust welded seam makes the diaphragm seal particularly safe and qualifies it for use with aggressive substances, while safeguarding the measuring system up to a nominal pressure of PN 600 bar and a bursting pressure of 900 bar.

Diaphragm seal DD8050
Diaphragm seal DD8050

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