Online TOC analyzer for the plant’s effluent

Benjamin Mattejiet
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The water analyzer QuickTOCeffluent from LAR Process Analysers AG is an online total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer especially designed for water with a low-particle density at the plant’s effluent. The water sample is sucked into the analyzer by means of a pump. Then, the sample is injected from a sample vessel into the reactor using a special injection loop. In the reactor, the thermal oxidation at 1,200°C takes place. Using this high temperature, the complete oxidation of all organic compounds to carbon dioxide (CO2) is guaranteed – without the need of oxidation promoting catalysts. The formed CO2 will be measured by a NDIR (non dispersive infrared) detector resulting in the exact determination of TOC. Optionally, the measuring system can be extended for the combined measurement of the total bound nitrogen (TNb). LAR's QuickTOCeffluent determines the TOC in less than three minutes and thus, allows the operators to take fast countermeasures in case of an exceedance of the limit value.

TOC analyzer for the plant's effluent
TOC analyzer for the plant's effluent

QuickTOCeffluent - especially for the plant's effluent.

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