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Posted on 2/9/2016
The Fenix 3P three-lane shrink wrapper is the fastest model of the full ACMI range. With a capacity of 120 packs per minute per lane, this machine is suitable for packaging PET bottles and cans. The two most important aspects that ACMI’s research & development department concentrate on is the product selection group and the oven. The bottle or can product selection group consists of an independent modular reference pin system that can mount two or three of them according to the speed of the machine and the type of format to be processed. The laning part is made with stainless steel guides equipped with “quick adjustment” systems which may either be manual or motorized. In this section of the machine, ACMI inserted a new laned bottle handling system that makes it possible to manage a range of bottles that goes from a diameter of 55 mm to 120 mm without the need to intervene from the mechanical point of view. This solution is ideal for those bottling customers who produce on the line a wide range of differen...

The oven ACMI has supported a number of investments in the development of the shrink-wrap oven in order to achieve greater efficiency and a higher quality of the pack. In particular, the R & D department focused on three aspects: thermal, air flow and software. All this to obtain a cutting edge and perfectly controllable thermal unit. This commitment has produced thre...