Plans for business continuity: Locabri modular solutions to get better when everything goes wrong

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With its rapid deployment and its economic aspect, removable modular building rental, makes a key solution within the PCA.

After a disaster striking buildings, an industrial or a sign of supermarkets will immediately seek reactive solutions, but also favor an approach validated by his insurer. Besides the delivery of infrastructure in operational condition, severe disruptions on business result in support for the operating loss by insurance companies.

As part of an industrial accident, responsiveness is a key factor of the final amount of compensation.


In case of disaster, affecting in any way a building or buildings related to the activity, the insured can get into an emergency situation related to the cessation of its production facilities, interruption of its supply chain or inaccessible storage areas of raw materials or finished products. It can also be in a situation where it no longer complies with the regulations.

With the use of removable modular building, such as those proposed by Locabri lease, the company has the means to recover quickly after the disaster a functional building infrastructure.

It is imperative to act quickly to minimize further damage and to limit the financial losses, including those related to the operation stop. "This is why we recommend the construction of temporary and demountable - Flexibat Locabri- facilities that restore the activity rapidly during the period of restoration work." Ian ZIELESKIEWICZ, LBC Associates - Insurance broker

Indeed, by equipping a modular and removable building, disaster company ensures a quick turnaround - 1000m² of métallotextile structure can be mounted in 48 hours - and reduced direct cost of reconstruction. Moreover, with the establishment of a removable modular building directly on the operating site the company avoids operating losses, or additional transportation, handling and logistics.

Plans for business continuity: Locabri modular solutions to get better when everything goes wrong

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