Maxphotonics Q-switched 100W Fiber Laser Source

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Maxphotonics Q-switched 100W Fiber Laser Source for deep engraving

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Maxphotonics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various laser equipment which is of high quality, high speed, high power and high performance. If you are looking for max pulsed q-switched 100w fiber laser metal cleaning (mfp-100), we must be your best choice as we now have such product for sale. Welcome to get low cost small, portable, mini or desktop equipment service at competitive price with us.

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China (mainland)

Brand Name: Maxphotonics

Model Type:MFP-100


Certificate: ISO 9001:2008、CE、FDA、EMC

Warranty:2 years

Product description of The MaxPulse100W laser cleaning:

The MAXPulse 100W pulsed laser produced by Maxphotonics can meet the needs of high-speed galvanometer system, which can realize the high-speed cleaning of the pollutants on the surface of the material without damaging the matrix material.

It is suitable for the precision machining of stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other materials. It has small thermal distortion and high processing precision. It has the characteristics of narrow pulse width and high peak power. Its compact structure, easy system integration.

Main Features:

MAXPulse 100W pulsed fiber lasers with narrow pulse width and high peak power can easily cope with the cleaning requirements of the surface of various shapes and sizes.

Principle and Application of Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning is based on the photophysical reaction between the laser beam and the pollution layer. The principle is mainly two ways: one is that the laser is absorbed by the pollution layer on the surface of the material, one is the plasma formed by the laser, the shock wave, the shock wave So that contaminants become debris and be removed.

Laser cleaning can not only be used to clean organic pollutants, can also be used to clean inorganic, including metal corrosion, metal particles, dust, can be used for mold cleaning, cleaning equipment, electronic industry, precision machinery cleaning, cultural relics Cleaning and so on.

The main factors affecting laser cleaning are laser power, pulse frequency, laser scanning path, scanning fill spacing and so on.

The influence of Laser power, pulse frequency

Compared with the effect under different conditions, Two main factors influencing laser power density are studied. In order to achieve the optimal cleaning effect, the higher frequency power parameters are preferred. The cleaning area is 40mm × 40mm rectangular area, galvanometer fixed, scanning speed of 6000mm / s.


A) the laser power is invariable, with the pulse frequency increases, the cleaning area damage reduced;

B) the laser frequency is constant, with the laser power increases, the cleaning area damage increased;

C) Experiments show that, under the above parameters, can completely remove carbon steel surface rust;

D) Compared with the first cleaning, the damage of the matrix showed a tendency to increase, and the power was not obvious at 50%.

E) From the above experiment, 50%, the best cleaning effect, and the second cleaning and a cleaning difference is not large, taking into account the follow-up manual movement speed, choose a cleaning A3 process.

The Effect of Laser Scanning Path

Four laser scanning paths are preset as follows.

Software default scan path .

Application of laser cleaning:

Molds, weapons and equipment, precision machinery, the electronics industry, often need to remove the surface rust, oxides, pollutants. The traditional chemical or mechanical can not clean completely, and also damage to the substrate material. by contrast, laser cleaning is a green, flexible and efficient way to clear, to ensure the removal effect, while almost no damage to the matrix material , Can be flexible to deal with a variety of shapes and sizes, low power consumption

Max Pulsed Q-Switched 100w Fiber Laser Metal Cleaning (MFP-100)
Max Pulsed Q-Switched 100w Fiber Laser Metal Cleaning (MFP-100)

Max Pulsed Q-Switched 100w Fiber Laser Metal Cleaning (MFP-100)

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