Accuracy +/-0.075%FS (min.) Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

Micro Sensor Co.,Ltd


1. Analog signal: 4~20mA

2. Digital signal: RS485 / HART

3. Temperature compensation: -10~+80C

4. Netting available

5. Compact and cost-efficient


1. RoHS

2. Ex-proof

3. All production conforms to ISO9001:2008


1. Sensor material: SS316L

2. Pressure port: NPT, G as you require

3. We welcome Custom-design or special requirement


1. Pressure range: -0.1~0~1…100MPa

2. Pressure type: Gauge, Absolute, Sealed Gauge, Vacuum

3. Total accuracy: ±0.075%FS(min.), ±0.15%FS(typ.)

4. Power supply: (10~28)VDC(RS485)/(12~30)VDC(HART)

5. Output signal: 4~20mA and RS485/HART

6. Electric connection: Plug or cable

7. Protection: IP67

Micro Sensor provide Custom-design services due to customer’s requirements.

Feel free to let us know your application and demands.

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Accuracy +/-0.075%FS (min.) Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

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