Isolated 32mm Diaphragm Pressure Sensor for Sanitary-Use

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Isolated 32mm Diaphragm Pressure Sensor for Sanitary-Use

MPM280PC1/PC3 is a piezoresistive OEM pressure sensor which has φ32mm diaphragm. This pressure sensor adopted full stainless steel clamp construction (standard: DN25, outer diameter φ50.4mm). The contacting material of this sensor are stainless steel, which is suitable for field application, and also prepare for viscous liquid pressure measurement. MPM280PC1/PC3 can be used in sanitary as well.

The pressure type of MPM280PC1/PC3 has gauge, sealed gauge and absolute optional. Also, customer-design is acceptable.


1.Pressure Range:0kPa~100kPa…3.5MPa;

2.Gauge, absolute and sealed gauge;

3.Constant current power supply;

4.Isolated φ32mm diaphragm able to measure;

5.various viscous liquid;

6.Standard DN25 clamp connection, easy installation and cleaning;

7.Full 316L stainless steel material.


1. Gauge, absolute, sealed gauge;

2. Non-linearity: +/-0.15%FS (BFSL);

3. Repeatability: +/-0.05%FS;

4. Hysteresis: +/-0.05%FS;

5. Power Supply: ≤2.0mA DC;

6. Input Impedance: 3kΩ~8kΩ;

7.Overpressure: 1.5 times FS;

8.Compensated temp: 0~70℃;

9.Storage temp.:-40~125℃

Micro Sensor is concentrating on Piezo-resistive Pressure Sensor and Transducer’s design and manufacture over 22 years. We are ISO9001 Approved and marketing all over the world. Please visit for more information. If any question or requirement, please contact us

Isolated 32mm Diaphragm Pressure Sensor for Sanitary-Use

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