Pressure Sensors Designed by Micro Sensor

Micro Sensor

Pressure Sensors Designed by Micro Sensor

Micro Sensor is the professional Piezo-resistive Pressure Sensors manufacturer. We are concentrating on Pressure Sensing & Measuring Solutions more than 24 years.

We now launch 4 kinds of newly designed pressure sensors to the international market. The main differences between our pressure sensors are listed in the additional picture.

For more detailed information, please click links or directly email us via;

MPM280 General Pressure Sensor :

MPM281 High Stable Pressure Sensor:

MPM283 Small Size Pressure Sensor:

MPM285 Small Size Pressure Sensing Element:

MPM286 Height 6.5mm Pressure Sensor:

MPM287 Small Size Pressure Sensor:

MPM270 High Stable Pressure Sensor:

MDM290 Differential Pressure Sensor:

MDM291 Welded Pressure Sensor:

Micro Sensor’s professional R&D team is ready to satisfy your specified requirements and demands. If you have any questiones, please feel free to contact or visit our website We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Pressure Sensors Designed by Micro Sensor

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