Differential Pressure Leak Detection Instrument

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Differential Pressure Leak Detection Instrument

The leak detection applications are existed in fields like communication devices, medical, industrial equipment, chemical, packages and national defense etc. The leak detection of middle or large size containers is difficult for almost all industries all the time. It is more convenient and efficient to detect leakage with the air aeration differential pressure method.


· Leak detection result is inaccurate with low efficiency which makes mass production of high precision products impossible.

· Most leak detection instruments are with low efficiency and low accuracy, and too heavy to move or transport.

· Different leak detection instrument operates in different efficiency so that the accuracy cannot be controlled in a high level. There is a relatively large measurement error in the detection result and the detection duration.


Micro Sensor MSQ100X series leak detection instrument has built-in both positive and negative air source. It uses high precision pressure gauge to directly measure and read data, making detection process easy for operation, oil-free and water-free. Moreover, it improves the detection efficiency by adopting air only.

Based on various environmental requirements, users can choose either positive or negative pressure test method. Micro sensor provides two on-site leak detection solutions with fixed-point cabinet type (MSQ1002) and portable suitcases type (MSQ1001).

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Differential Pressure Leak Detection Instrument
Differential Pressure Leak Detection Instrument

Differential Pressure Leak Detection Instrument

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