Wilbrecht LEDCO Introduces Rugged Watertight CRM LED with Solder Lug/faston Termination

Microprecision Electronics

St.Paul,MN – June 2015 - Wilbrecht LEDCO, Inc., a subsidiary of Microprecision Electronics SA, is pleased to introduce a new solder lug/faston terminated version of its popular ruggedized IP67 sealed rear mount CRM series panel LED. The unique rear mount design features fast pitch threads and special nuts for quick installation in extreme and outdoor applications.

The rugged vibration and water resistant LED indicators are well suited for a number of applications, including industrial control panels, transportation dashboards, gaming/vending machines and aircraft/military instrumentation.

Available in chrome or black matte finishes, the CRM series is available with 2.8 x 0.5 mm faston’s, as well as LED pin and lead terminations. All versions are available with daylight readable red, yellow, green, orange as well as bicolor, blue, white, flashing, infrared and NVIS LEDs. Leaded and pin terminated versions of the CRM can be supplied with sealing to IP67 and voltages up to 60VDC and 240VAC. Leaded CRMs can be customized with special lead wire, lead lengths and connector options. CRMs terminated with faston’s can be sealed to IP66 with voltages up to 60VDC.

Wilbrecht LEDCO, Inc. manufactures LED indicator lights, metal foil resistors, and mechanical switches in its QPL-certified South Dakota factory. For more information, contact Wilbrecht LEDCO, Inc. in St.Paul, MN at 651-659-0919 or toll free at 888-323-8751. Email at info@wilbrechtledco.com or Microprecision Electronics SA, Switzerland, Tel +41 24 481 43 43

E-Mail: info@microprecision.ch Web: http://www.microprecision.ch

Wilbrecht LEDCO Introduces Rugged Watertight CRM LED with Solder Lug/faston Termination

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